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Culinary Arts II Students Compete in Chopped Cooking Challenge
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Tuesday, December 13, 2016
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For several weeks, Sharon James, Culinary Arts Instructor, has been helping her Culinary Arts II students prepare for the “Choctaw County Chopped” competition which was held this week. The competition is conducted in much the same manner as the Food Network’s show “Chopped Challenge”. Mrs. James prepares a basket containing four odd ingredients for students to whip up amazing culinary creations. The students have no idea of the ingredients until the timed event begins. Students have to use culinary knowledge and skills, be creative, and work quickly during this competition. Curricula based skills that students practice during this competition include; knife skills, cooking methods, attractive plating, and time management. The judges use a rubric to analyze the students’ prepared dishes. The rubric consists of three main categories; taste, appearance, and creativity.

Mr. Glen Beard, Mr. Glen Blaine and Mrs. Diane Chancellor have been the judges for all three days of the Chopped Challenge competition. There have been three students competing each day and were given two challenges each day; an entrée and a dessert. During the first two days of the competition, students were “chopped” (eliminated), based on the judge’s ranking of the criteria. During the third day, Championship Round, the participants were (pictured left to right) Abigail McNutt, Quandarius Yarbrough, and Madi Murphy.

The ingredients for the Championship Round entrée were Fish Sticks, Puffed Corn,
Strawberries, and Spinach. The Dessert for the Championship Round included Zebra Cakes and Chocolate Moon Pies, White Chocolate Pudding Mix, Navel Oranges, and Pretzel Twists.

The Culinary Arts II students participating in the Choctaw County Chopped Competition Tate Roland, Abigail McNutt, Quandarius Yarbrough, Jasmine Lane, Madi Murphy, and Tea’ Davis.

Abigail McNutt was the overall winner of the Choctaw County Chopped Competition and received a $25.00 check.

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